What is The Guild?

The Guild is an artist-led collective founded on Ethereum in early Q3 of 2020.

Formed as a group of artists who co-created together on large-scale art collaborations, the original Guild had a change in leadership after just a few months of operation due to internal developments. It was then reformed in late December 2020 under the new leadership with four core team members. They aligned themselves to a shared, yet unique vision for The Guild members and how its future would tie to the decentralised ecosystem.

The primary goal of the organisation is to spotlight and empower The Guild members via our unique approaches and partnerships. We believe in art and decentralisation, with the latter allowing artists to flourish in ways that have never been seen before. To that regard, we see that artists play a big part in the NFT world and what the metaverse is today.

Our growth has been vastly organic. Through many large collaborations and commercial releases, we have established ourselves as the first non-blockchain specific, hybrid DAO and became the FIRST known Non-Fungible Organisation (NFO).

What is an NFO or Hybrid DAO?

The Guild has been organising and co-creating with many artists around the globe, many of whom had not ever met each other.

Since 2020, we have tested and established our own rules and decisions were made based on the betterment of the organisation and its members. While many DAOs were established or were initiated by large funds, releasing their own unique tokens, we are not backed by large fundings or tokens.

A number of us have been involved since the early NFT days on the blockchain, hence we are proudly backed by the proof of work. We are entirely powered up by the tireless Core Team members who are contributing countless hours of energy, effort and love to support our artists.

We also take pride that we have contributed to multiple organisations, charities and artists empowerment via our upliftment wallet.

The Members and Community

The vast-majority of our members are artists.

The Guild has established a framework by which the Core team and its members are working side by side to release artworks via NFT as its medium. 70% of our collaborations also involve guest artists, many of them who are considered OGs in the space such as Coldie, Robness, Matt Kane, Julia Ponsford, Sparrow, & Angie Taylor.

Through these collaborations, we deepen the relationships by aligning with a broader artists network to build with The Guild.

Who are some of your partners?

Async Art, Charged Particles, SuperRare, MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art), DecentralGames

Other Partners:
SportsIcon, Onessus Blockchain, OpenDAO, Murall Art, Wallkanda Street Art, CryptoArg

Past Exhibitions Partners:
CAFA x NEAL Gallery, Unifty.Gallery

What are your approaches to partnerships?

We love partnerships.

We explore partnerships where art helps to lead the way - as long as it aligns with our core mission: to empower, credit and sustain artists. Be it digital art, street art, music, poetry, a combination of all - we have members who can help with their skillset across a variety of project outputs.

If you are keen to pursue a potential partnership with our organisation, please contact us at: partner@theguildnft.com


A couple of our Core team members have been in advisory boards, and are thoroughly experienced consultants who are able to offer limited high level consultancy.

For this to happen please contact us separately at consult@theguildnft.com and mention how we can help you.

Who are the Core Members?

Shinji Akhirah

Shinji Akhirah is a multi-dimensional artist that works seamlessly across both the traditional and digital mediums, including beatmaking and wordsmithery. He is known for his edgy, conceptual approach to ideas with an emphasis on abstract forms involving arrays, abstraction, bio-mechanical hybridization, characters and occasional forays into brutalist minimalism.

He loves a good coffee and can almost always be found with some form of creationist tool at his fingertips.

Rutger van der Tas

Coordinating co-creations as core member of The Guild.

And when I create my personal art, I float in a timeless environment with no boundaries limitless in playful options. I tend to drown myself in lines, forms and colors trying to capture something that's not there.

Bachelor Fine Arts, DOGtime 2014, Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.


Ytje studied illustration and has worked for a variety of clients, nationally and internationally. Her visual stories are elaborate and vibrantly colored. Her art consists of dreams and nightmares being fed into a caleidoscope vision, creating worlds of frightful wonder.

She has also proven herself as an organisational talent, working with various organisations within the art world, stepping up and taking charge where needed.

Core Advisor


Based in New Zealand, a coffeeholic, Jetski's style is a combination of acrylic painting, photography, digital painting and enhancements. She loves freestyle painting that depicts nature and deep thoughts about humans and emotions. Jetski considers herself a technophile. She is a forward thinker who specialises in business development and strategic partnerships for The Guild.

Jetski is an avid supporter of the Crypto Art movement. Her Web 3.0 experience encompasses contributing to large scale art collaborations, managing growth and scaled up multiple blockchain companies, and having an advisory role for multiple projects in the space.