Pandora's Box

15 Artists

This is not a box...this is a resonant chamber where empathy is the language of the unspoken, where love is the driving force for change and where all dreams reside in the transient space within a single breath of Hope. We inherited yesterday as our present but make no mistake we're re-designing our future.

We, The Guild, have partnered with Charged Particles to create another first for the blockchain ecosystem with the introduction of nested NFT's that are capable of storing interest bearing digital assets.

Each artist was randomly assigned and tasked to create artwork around the themes from the story of Pandora's Box. With Hope, we chose to multiply it by four to correspond with each of the letters and as a symbolic touchpoint for the innovative new technology that the team at Charged Particles are creating. The mythology of Pandora and the releasing of things into the world that ultimately change and reshape it is extremely well correlated with crypto and blockchain technology. It enables new ideas to form by seeing them develop in real-time, through interactions that happen across the globe and through various degrees of economic class.

This is the power of the human spirit when coupled with love, imagination and empowered through technology personified. Artists and scientists helping to breathe Hope into existence with their combined energies.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Max Planck.

Featured Artists:

Shinji Akhirah - Pandora's Box
Silje Thorn - Death
Rutger van der Tas - War
Mehak Jain - Poverty
Danil Pan - Hunger
Surreal Serpentine - Disease
Ytje Veenstra - Pain
Shelly Soneja - Hatred
Lordeh Biontic - Envy
Arvid Hjorth - Greed
Orabelart - Pandora
Jetski - Hope
Benza - Hope
thePerfesser - Hope
loudsqueak - Hope

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Pandora's Box
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