The Gigi Buffon
x SportsIcon Nested NFT

'GB78 - The Protector'
5 Artists

The Gigi Buffon x SportsIcon Nested NFT

Contained within this work are 4 NFTs celebrating the legendary career of the best goalkeeper of all time, Gianluigi Buffon. Created by five talented artists from The Guild, this incredible piece is a truly one-of-a-kind offering for anyone who counts themselves as a fan.

GB78 - The Protector

Upon reading the fascinating and incredibly prolific data around this superhuman football sensation, artist Shinji Akhirah started to notice a pattern of 3's that seemed to follow his career. From the Italian flag, to Juventus and his Adidas sponsorship and even extrapolated further into his lineage with his 3 wonderful kids, David, Louis and Leopoldo.

It seemed only natural that this should carry forth in the artwork. His enigmatic energy has charged millions of fans and Shinji wanted to embody that with the shield and the charge chamber. The tension and separations of the football as it spins in flux allude to the excitement and the union of fans whenever he is in the arena. It needed to feel strong yet graceful, composed yet explosive, something akin to the way he maintains calm under tremendous pressure at the highest levels.

Other Pieces Contained Inside (at time of sale)

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Artist: Pule the Witch_DR

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Artist: Rutger van der Tas

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Artist: LUVRworldwide
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Featured Artists:

Shinji Akhirah - GB78
Rutger van der Tas - The Personality
Pule the Witch_DR - The Saviour
LUVRworldwide - Soccer is Life
DKleine - Greatest Of All Time

Creator Annuity
The Guild
Charged Particles - Proton
Shinji Akhirah, Rutger van der Tas, LUVRworldwide, Pule the Witch_DR, DKleine
Date of Mint
July 30th, 2021