Cyber Watch

33 Artists

This is the first big collab The Guild has made on Async. It is based on the famous painting The Night Watch by Rembrandt (1642). This was initiated and coordinated by Rutger van der Tas.

A total of 34 layers make this Cyber Watch containing 107 different states made by 33 artists. Some of them are very well-known and some are up and coming.

We are all familiar with the famous painting and the composition of the original work by Rembrandt, therefore this digital piece is easily readable although it is a cacophony of styles and colors.

Rutger did not want to hold back the creativity by giving a set of rules. No themes, no color palette was assigned. Just the creative flow and the story every artist wanted to tell. They had to feel the freedom to do whatever they wanted.

Every artist was supplied with a figure or piece of the surroundings in the original painting. No one was able to pick a place, a spot or character on beforehand.

After dividing the canvas into separate layers and giving them a number, an online randomizer was used to divide them. This was done three times to get three different options. After this, a vote was made to choose which of the three variations was going to be used. This was done in a special Nachtwacht Telegram group.

All artists involved worked hard on their contribution even though we have all been impacted by Covid-19 directly or indirectly.

Being in a lockdown or not free to move in the way we used too, makes this online NFT art community very important. For both artists and collectors this online realm filled our lives in so many ways.

We are the Cyber Watch.

Participating artists from background to foreground:

Silje Thorn
Surreal Serpentine
Moxarra Gonzalez
Lapin Mignon
Tom Abbink
Sarah Zucker
Nika Danny
Arvid Hjorth
ejthek, Benza, Legendary
Rutger van der Tas
Becca Kennedy
Shelly Soneja
Mehak Jain
Airco Caravan, pplpleasr
Fabin Rasheed
The Perfesser, Stellabelle
Matt Kane
Coldie 3D
Shinji Akhirah
Ytje Veenstra
Danil Pan
Angie Taylor
SamJ Studios

2160 x 1691 px
7.53 MB