Chiesa - Forever Maverick

4 Artists

The first-ever NFT release from UFC Legend, Michael Chiesa, this rare, Nested NFT is an offering made possible only by Charged Particles and the amazing featured artists from The Guild.

At the time of sale, nested inside this epic piece are five unique works from four different artists AND .133 Wrapped Bitcoin (currently valued at $5000) which is earning interest through our integration with Aave. With interest-bearing Wrapped Bitcoin inside, it makes you wonder how much might this collection be worth in 5 years.

Both the art and the Wrapped Bitcoin can be left inside to preserve the cohesion of the collection or they can be discharged to be sold, displayed, or traded as individual works - a choice reserved for the purchaser.

The purchase of this NFT also entitles the first buyer to receive a signed pair of Michael's gloves shipped anywhere in the world. Whether together or apart, each NFT can also act as a key or membership card for any special future content that Michael may release.

Featured Artists:

Shinji Akhirah - 'Chiesa - Forever Maverick' & 'Kimura'
Mehak Jain - 'Chiesa vs Miller' & 'Standing Rear Naked Choke'
FTRSaroth - 'The Tiger Attack'
King Debs - 'The Unstoppable Champ'

Resale Royalty
Forever Maverick
Produced By
Charged Particles
Art By
The Guild
Mixed Digital
Michael Chiesa
Absolute Savage