All of the works showcased were created by CryptoArtists located across the globe in multiple timezones during what was arguably the toughest period in modern times. It forced artists to embrace change in order to survive and in incredible instances thrive on the backbone of community and in the spirit of Satoshi.

There is a lot of love and time that has gone into each one of these pieces - often in the face of incredible odds, even the pain and loss of loved ones. No price can truly embody what it represents to each of the artists.

As a collector of any of these NFT artworks, not only do you get to own a piece of blockchain history - as some of these are the first and largest collabs of its kind - but you directly contribute and support the livelihood and community of each of the artists involved.

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Artists of The Guild

"I could either watch it happen or be a part of it."  Elon Musk

Our organization has members that are constant and some that flow in and between active and passive states - for such is the nature of the harmony we seek to create. In a volatile world, change is inevitable and we embrace it with persistence and focus.

We're composed of a set of talented artists, both current and past, that have in some way added their energy, artwork and momentary orbital alignment with The Guild. We cherish and honour them here and in the blockchain for future generations to come.